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 *  lde/nc_block.h -- The Linux Disk Editor
 *  Copyright (C) 1994  Scott D. Heavner
 *  $Id: nc_block.h,v 1.3 1998/01/17 17:45:20 sdh Exp $

int block_mode(void);

00011 struct _bm_flags {
  char edit_block;  /* Are we currently editing this block? */
  char ascii_mode;  /* Is the cursor on the hex side or the ASCII side? */
  char highlight;   /* Does the highlighted field need to be updated?
                 *  usually a result of a cursor move or data entry */
  char modified;    /* Was this block modified?  If so we better ask
                 * to save it before we move to another block */
  char redraw;      /* Request window redraw */
  char dontwait;    /* Indicates we should not wait for getch() and 
                 * should jump right into the main loop */
typedef struct _bm_flags bm_flags;

00024 struct _bm_cursor {
  int row;  /* Cursor row */
  int col;  /* Cursor column */
  int sow;  /* Window start: offset of start of screen window in data buffer */
  int sob;  /* Start of block: offset of start of this block in data buffer */ 
  int eob;  /* End of block:   offset of end of this block in data buffer */ 
  int eod;  /* Data end: size of data buffer */
  int rs;   /* Row size: How big is each row on the screen?  With hex
           * 16 entries.  All ASCII 80+ entries */
  int wl;   /* Window length: define as VERT */

  int bps;  /* Number of blocks we want to buffer to fill a screen */

  unsigned char *data; /* Buffered data for this window */
typedef struct _bm_cursor bm_cursor;

00042 struct _bm_irecord {
  struct Generic_Inode *inode;
  unsigned long inr;
  long          increment;
typedef struct _bm_irecord bm_irecord;

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