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 *  lde/tty_lde.h -- The Linux Disk Editor
 *  Copyright (C) 1994  Scott D. Heavner
 *  $Id: tty_lde.h,v 1.6 1998/07/05 18:18:05 sdh Exp $

#ifndef TTY_LDE_H
#define TTY_LDE_H

#include "lde.h"

struct _cached_block {
  char data[MAX_BLOCK_SIZE];  /* Start the struct with our data buffer.  We
                         * can cast the struct's address to a (char *)
                         * and access the data w/o knowing the structs
                         * members - maintains compatibility with old
                         * version of cache_read_block() */
  int  size;                  /* Size of data in this block (0 on error) */
  unsigned long bnr;          /* Where did the data for this block come from?*/
  struct _cached_block *next;
  struct _cached_block *prev;
typedef struct _cached_block cached_block;

#define CACHEABLE   1
#define FORCE_READ  2
#define NEVER_CACHE 4
#define CHARBUFFER  8

void log_error(char *echo_string);
void tty_warn(char *fmt, ...);
void no_warn(char *fmt, ...);
int  tty_mgetch(void);
unsigned long lookup_blocksize(unsigned long nr);
unsigned long read_num(char *cinput);
void * cache_read_block (unsigned long block_nr, void *dest, int force);
size_t nocache_read_block (unsigned long block_nr, void *dest, size_t size);
unsigned long lde_seek_block(unsigned long block_nr);
int write_block (unsigned long block_nr, void *data_buffer);
void ddump_block(unsigned long nr);
void dump_block(unsigned long nr);
void dump_inode(unsigned long nr);
char *entry_type(unsigned long imode);


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